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Leisure- Dating and Making Friends

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Do you ever feel lonely?
There are many special interest clubs you can join to make friends, one of the best ways is to visit your local library and enquire about these. There are always loads of notice boards with plenty of activities and meetings. 

 Business - Networking Groups & Associations:

Scottish Business Women 

Association  of Secretaries

Scottish Development  International

Skal UK

Networking Groups
I used to be a member of a travel club where we used to meet regularly to network and make friends. I thought I would share this little poem: 

Are You An Active Member?

Are you an active member?
The kind who would be missed?
Or are you just content that your name is on the list.
Do you attend the meetings and mingle with the crowd.
Or would you rather stay at home and complain both long and loud?
Do you give a little time to make things tick?
Or leave the work to just a few and talk about the clique?
There's quite a program scheduled which means success if done.
and it can be accomplished with the help of everyone. 
So come to all the meetings and help with hand and heart
Don't be just another member but take an active part. 
Think it over everyone are you right or wrong?
Are you an active member or do you just belong?

(Author Unknown)
Courtesy of WATL Gold Coast, Australia

If you have any special interest groups or clubs you would like to share please email me at and I will publish them


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