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Hair Care Products
Free worldwide delivery on over 6,000 top brand beauty products.

Gorgeous Shop
Welcome to Gorgeous Shop, a dynamic and creative online store specialising in Salon Professional Hair Care and Skin Care. We are dedicated to offering a convenient way to purchase the very best salon only brands. These highly sought after products are regularly searched for online and command above average retail prices.

Here’s a quick guide to choosing a hairstyle that will suit your features, even if they’re not quite perfect!

Large Nose -
If your nose is on the ‘large’ size draw attention away from it with plenty of volume at the crown.

Long Face -Break up a long face with a substantial fringe and a style that finishes above the chin.

Double Chin-Choose a bob that’s shorter at the nape and longer at the front to disguise a double chin or small chin.

Long Nose, Long Chin -Avoid creating more length by wearing hair away from the face, possibly with a side parting. Never wear hair very long and straight with a centre parting as this will accentuate a long nose.  

Some Old Fashion Beauty Tips for Healthy Hair

Fly-away Hair?
If your hair is really soft, try pale ale as a styling lotion.  Apply after towel drying.

Very dry unconditioned hair?
Don't laugh until you tried this, after shampooing take some full fat mayonnaise and use as a conditioner. Wrap your head in a towel and leave on for 20 minutes. Finally shampoo and rinse off. Afterwards you will see the difference! This was featured on
GMTV Beauty Tips so perhaps I am not so crazy!

Disclaimer - The above  tips are for information only, I accept no liability for advice offered.

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