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Holiday Wear for all the Family

Designer Clothes, Fashion Gear and Fashion Accessories

Truffle Shuffle 80s Clothing Ltd
Iconic 80ís Fashion and Brands
Pure Collection
Pure Collection is a niche cashmere mail-order company offering a wide range of cashmere fashions for Women, Men, Children, Babies and a wide range of Accessories and Gifts. help

             Fashion Tips to help you streamline the wardrobe

Plan your wardrobe by making a list of what you need to buy rather just buying something on a whim and regretting it later. 

Stick to neutral colours for basic items: black, camel, navy. Use colour as a highlight. Smaller inexpensive pieces such as a T-shirt, scarf will brighten up an outfit and add personality.

Choose simple classic lines. You will get more wear from a shift dress, a pair of flat fronted  trousers and a white shirt rather than from than from fashion led styles that date easily. 

Patterns and prints are hard to wear, so keep them to a minimum. If you have a large frame avoid these as they will make you look bigger and instead of make can make you look frumpy.

Wearing one colour creates a vertical line and makes you look taller and slimmer.  Varying shades and textures will add interest.

 Underwear is important as well. Throw away old gray or ill fitting underwear and invest in some well fitting bra and pants.

Take your time when you are shopping. Don't rush into buying the first thing you see, if you are not sure, don't buy!

 Looking after your clothes

Invest in some good coat hangers. Wooden hangers are the best for coats and jackets, while the type, with clips are good crease-free way of storing skirts and trousers.

Recoup some of the costs by taking good quality items  to dress agencies that will either buy them or sell them on your behalf. 

Store leather handbags inside cloth bags to protect them and treat them ocassionally with a nourishing cream to keep them looking good. Stuffing them with scrunched-up tissue paper helps to maintain their shape.

Always fasten zips and buttons after you have hung up hung up your clothes.

If you have bought an expensive hat, then store it in a box to keep its condition.

Always treat suede and leather clothing before wearing it because once it is dirty it is impossible to clean. Any waterproof or scotch guard spray will do. Cobblers and shoe shops supply this.

Look after your shoes buy buying  shoe trees to help them stay in shape. Wooden ones are better than plastic ones  and last longer.

Sort out your sock drawer and get rid of  all the odd socks.

What do I do with my old clothes? Many local charities will collect items from your home. If you are an animal lover ask the PDSA, some towns have a collection service - help a poor little animal, your small donation makes such a difference!

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