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  Car Breakdown Insurance
When travelling in the winter here are a few tips:
Check your oil, water and windscreen fluid levels, battery before you depart. Make sure you have a Mobile phone with hands free kit - take a note of your car breakdown insurance number and other important contacts, also take with you:
 De-icer and Scraper
 Working torch
 A shovel for snow
 Suitable gloves, warm garments and a blanket for when its cold
 A bag of sand or grip mat
 Warning triangle
 Map (or sat nav!)
 Tow and battery-jumping cables and
 First aid kit
 A flask of hot coffee or Tea or  Water for Cup -a-soup.
 Print off your route before you go, I can recommend
Via Michelin for maps, directions, travel distances. It also has hotels so you can check out where you can stop en route loads of other travel information

Never drive when you are tired ! Always try to share the driving if you are going long distance and take regular breaks. Check road conditions before you leave on your journey and lastly always check your fuel! 
Happy Driving and a Safe Journey!

Green Flag Car Breakdown and Insurance
Green Flag is one of the UKs largest roadside rescue and recovery services, with almost 5 million customers and responding to over a million calls for help each year. We provide breakdown cover for your vehicle, rather than the individual, so everyone driving your car can benefit from a fast, professional breakdown service.

Churchill is one of the UKs leading insurance companies.

Satellite Navigation Systems is a Satellite Navigation company run by a team of experts, dedicated to delivering a great service and the lowest possible prices on GPS and Sat Nav for cars, PDAs and Mobile Phones.
Stay Safe when you are travelling abroad! Do not leave your satellite navigation system in your car, if you have a Tom Tom remove this when you leave your car. Do not invite crime! There has been recent publicity on TV about thieves being able to read your Sat Nav and find out where you live then break into your home. Please be aware of this.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust A national charity for personal safety, the site offers advice on staying safe when travelling and publishes the Passport to Safer Travel, available online.

Child Car Seats -On GMTV this week the it was illustrated that by interviewing the general public in the street very few people were aware of the new government regulations for child seats in cars, the above website offers useful information about this.


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