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Passport & Visa Information

Going on holiday soon? Please remember to check the validity of your passport, it is amazing the number of people who forget to do this and then panic at the last moment.
Keep your eye on your passport at all times!
This is a true story. I was taking a group of travel agents to the USA along with the Airline Representative. On checking in he took everyone's passport and when we had checked in, he returned the passports to each of them except me. We started to have a debate with each other questioning the fact that he had definitely given me mine back. I was getting really worried being the group leader. I searched my handbag and cabin luggage it was not there. I asked the girl at the check-in to have a look on her desk, it was not their either. I was beginning to panic so I got security to examine my bags in case my passport had been staring at me in the face. No, it was not their either! Now frantic, I asked for the airport engineers to have a look at the baggage belt at the front desk, they took this apart but nothing! I then went to immigration to see what I could do without my passport - not much! As I returned downstairs two of the engineers were walking towards me with my passport in their hand. What a relief! The check-in agent had knocked it off her desk, it had fallen on to the baggage scales and fallen down into the baggage belt which travels around all the check-in desks. It was finally found at the bottom of the baggage belt in the baggage hall miles away. We now have a laugh about this, but at the time I had visions of the group waving good bye to me at the check-in desk! I have learnt my lesson from this, I never let my passport out of my sight! 

New Regulations Ė British Flying to Spain?
Passengers flying to Spain will have to provide extra information as the Spanish government moves to introduce US-style entry procedures. Under the new regulations, which will be introduced on June 13, all British visitors entering Spain will have to submit Advance Passenger Information (API), which includes date of birth and passport number. Visitors who donít submit this information after the intended date, via their airline or travel agent, may be barred from flights.

Staff at check-in desks will also be able to collect API (Advanced Passenger Information) data but passengers are strongly advised to supply the information prior to arrival at the airport, or at a self service kiosk where available, to avoid unnecessary delays. The new rule, issued by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior will apply only to countries that are not signed up to the
Schengen Treaty, an agreement which allows free travel, without presentation of a passport, between the 15 European countries that are members. The UK is not a member of this scheme.

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Here is some useful passport information if you have any passport stories you would like to share please email me on

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